Niching Up by Chris Dreyer — A Summary

Raheel Yawar
2 min readAug 13


How to Niche-up

  • Niching up doesn’t work with all businesses. It may or may not be the strategy for you.
  • Take a broad view, explore all avenues and then niche up.
  • Learn from experts or find a mentor.
  • Focus and spend 10,000 hours on only one skill.
  • As soon as you find success in your niche competitors will follow. They can take a share of your business but will also force you to improve.
  • Raise your prices after you develop expertise. You build expertise through knowledge and application. Both need to go hand in hand.
  • As you're finding success, keep raising your prices until you hit your price-to-value radio ceiling and then raise your value.
  • You're not a jack of all trades, you are a master of one.

Building an Audience and Reputation

  • When starting out, give services for free if you have to.
  • Ask for testimonials and feature them on your portfolio or website.
  • Build trust and a good reputation. This is an ongoing and neverending effort.
  • Go to conferences and meetups.
  • Build relationships but don’t take more than you give.
  • Be a fan, not a creep or a stalker.
  • Don’t be a snake oil salesman and don’t work with one.
  • Make content. Whatever works for your niche, podcasts, tutorials, social media posts, talks, articles etc.
  • Be efficient. As you spend thousands of hours on your niche, check for areas that can be outsourced to save you time.



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